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From time to time we all need a bit of support and BYOU+ is here for you. If you're struggling coming to terms with your own or anothers sexual orientation/gender identity, perhaps you need help coming out or just want someone to talk to. BYOU+ offers just what you need. All your details are confidential and we would never "out" you. We offer a safe place to meet and discuss issues either as a group or one to one basis.


We also offer free advice around sexual health. It is important to stay safe and be in the know. BYOU+ offers FREE safe sex packs provided by our partners at the LGBT Foundation. In addition to that we offer mental health support as studies show that lesbian, gay and bisexual people show higher levels of anxiety, depression and suicidal feelings than heterosexual men and women. This rate is increasingly high for people in the Trans* community.

If you feel like you may benefit from using our service please feel free to email us at byoupluswigan@gmail.com to arrange a one to one meeting prior to attending the BYOU+ group. These meetings are crucial to keeping the confidentiality agreement in place for the safety of the members.